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Sunday Notices

28th  Sunday of the Year

14th  October 2018

  1. The Church repair work has comes to an end and Bp. Agnelo wants to address you about it. He will celebrate the 9.30am mass on Sunday, 21st October and handover the task of giving finishing touch to the Parish. All are invited for this Mass.
  2. Our Parish Feast Novena In Honour of Our Lady of Glory will begin on Friday, 2nd November with the Novena Prayer recited at all the Masses. The Feast Tridum will begin on Thursday, 8th November preached by outside preachers at the 7pm Mass. We will have the Liturgical themes on the three days of the Tridum as follows:-

On Thursday, 8th November – On the World of God.

On Friday, 9th November – On the Eucharist.

On Saturday, 10th November – On the Sacraments & Christian Living.

  1. The Parish Youth Council (PYC) will meet next Sunday, 14th October at 6.30pm. All PYC members are requested to be present.
  2. The Cantors will meet on Wednesday, 17th October at 7.45pm at the Anza Hall. Those who sing for the daily masses and choirs on Sundays are requested to be present.
  3. Those who contribute monthly for the Community Fund may Kindly do so for the month of September and put it in the Community Fund box placed in the sanctuary.
  4. The Glorious Glorians Senior Parishioner’s Association of Gloria Church, Byculla, will be celebrating ‘ Elders Day’ which is open to age group of 50years and above. On Sunday, 28th October, 2018 with 5.30pm mass followed by Get Together in the Anza Parish Hall. Registrations done after the masses on the weekends.
  5. A Sports Festival is being organized for Senior Citizens 55yrs and above at St. Mary’s Grounds, Mazagaon, from Thursday 18th October to Saturday 20th Those Parishioners who wish to participate in our Gloria Parish Team are requested to give their names to the members of the core group, of Glorious Glorians. For further details, kindly refer the Notice Board.


14.10.2018 to 20.10.2018

Parish Priest

Our Lady Of Glory



Author: Gloria Church, Byculla, Mumbai

Gloria Church located at Byculla, Mumbai, India

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  1. May God continue blessing the New parish team ,PPC,Family cell and lastly our parishinors to have this celebration of family day.God bless you all.Our Lady of Glory pray for us.


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