Convent of Jesus and Mary

163 years of Service in the Ministry of Education. (1850 – 2013)

The Congregation of Jesus and Mary was founded by St. Claudine Thevenet at Lyon, France in 1818.Claudine lived through the horrors of the French Revolution and witnessed the brutal execution of her two brothers, whose dying request to forgive the perpetrators  of the crime left an indelible impression on her young mind. Claudine devoted the rest of her life to the education of orphans and young girls.

In 1842 the Congregation was invited to work in India. Five French sisters arrived at Agra in November 1842.The pioneering team of five Religious in 1850 set up institutions in several places in Mumbai and one such places “Clare Road” Byculla. Convent of Jesus and Mary has a Community of 14 sisters at present and involved in the apostolate of Education. Their Educational Institutions are:-

  • St. Margaret’s Teacher Training College which was established in 1894.
  • St. Agnes’ High School which was opened for the girls especially the poor in 1912 and has celebrated the Centenary year in 2012.
  • Convent of Jesus and Mary Special School for the Mentally Challenged and Handicapped Children which was started in 1969.
  • St. Agnes’ Junior College – Commerce stream for the girls in 2013.

The Sisters of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary are deeply grateful to God for His goodness towards them and their work in the city of Mumbai over the past 163 years.