Gloria Convent

IMG_4559The Society of Our Lady of Glory

The Convent of Our Lady of Glory is well known as Gloria Convent – Byculla. The sisters belong to the Congregation of Carmelite Religious, C.C.R. Our Foundress is Mother Mary Veronica of the Passion. She trained the first set of Sisters in France and sent them to India where they began their Educational Apostolate. End of May, 1945 the sisters started teaching in Gloria Girls’ School. This was the first step to the foundation of a Convent.

Our aim is to help children to grow up as useful members of society and improve relationships through Catechism and Value Education.

Our vision is creation of a new human society where social equality, responsible freedom, love, justice peace, and joy reign in an eco- friendly style.

Our Congregation motto is – In His presence we stand and serve. Deeply rooted in the spirit of our foundress, we are women of prayer and contemplatives in action. With Eucharist as the centre we radiate the love of Christ in generous and joyful apostolic service to all especially the poor and the needy.

School History

Gloria Convent High School, though small in stature, stands tall as an epitome of love and dedication, founded on the toil and sweat of many managers, Principals, sisters and teachers, down the years. Each contributed their sincere bit and thus brick by brick helped fabricate and beautify the school and its humble campus.

Though it is not a towering structure, it is held in high esteem and is a much sought after school in Byculla. To date it is known for its high standards of discipline, academic excellence and well organized administrative skills.

The school has been fortunate to have always been blessed with passionate teachers who possessed a strong zeal and love for teaching and so always rendered unstinted support to the management. All these qualities exuded by the various faculties have helped mould it into a power house of prayer and knowledge for all who have set foot in its precincts.

The ethos and charism of the school has been captured in its vision and mission statements.

Glorian Vision

Through comprehensive well programmed training, we aim at moulding our students to be integrated with a well balanced personality, having a strong character imbued with love and compassion towards others, courageous and outreaching in moments of crisis, astute and versatile in leadership roles.

Glorian Mission

Our mission is to train and develop in every Glorian strong spiritual and ethical rules combined with an all round training, focusing on analytical thinking, creative output by using multidisciplinary skills to face the ever changing, challenging and competitive world.