Regina Pacis

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At a stone’s throw away from the parish church dedicated to Our Lady of Glory ,  there is an Institute  dedicated to Our Lady Queen of Peace, ‘Regina Pacis’ ; The same Lady, Our Blessed Mother Mary,  who, from the year 1958  has welcomed hundreds of young girls from all parts of the country to find themselves, develop their potential  and  arrive at  the good life that will lead them to their  destiny  on earth, and, in heaven where they will find eternal happiness.

At Regina Pacis there is a corner for all sizes and shapes of feminine youth. For  children between the ages of 6-to approx 18 years   a “Home” (the Regina Pacis Children’s Home),  for healthy and safe living where there is a  lot of  fun activities and much value education;  and a Government recognised High School (day, Night and Open) where they can get a complete secondary school education

For  the young domestic worker  a place  ‘to lay her head’ when she first  arrives from  the remote village  in search of a livelihood. She stays at Regina Pacis  free of any charge and in a short space of fifteen days  she receives  an orientation  to be able to meet the challenges of a life in a totally different environment from the one she has just left.. She needs to be trained in the basics of housework   with the use of running water, electricity, electro- domestics  etc. things which she has probably never seen before. She needs to be forewarned against the moral dangers with which she might be faced  She  is then  placed as a domestic worker  in a safe  and happy home with  favourable conditions of service. She is followed up regularly as she attends  the social centre of Regina Pacis, gets a chance   to complete her education while she works and thus while finding a means of supporting her  economically needy family back home  she also is in the process of  growth and self- development

For the young University Student a tranquil, economic refuge where she can study and relax  in  peace, and  find  her Divine filiations and her  true destiny.

For the young  office worker, or professional ,teacher, lawyer,  and others  a place to come back to, after a hard and stressful day in the thick of the ‘rat race’ and  of course  where she can find  counselling when she is in doubt, help when distressed and  an opportunity to meet her God

All this run by a community of the Religious of Mary Immaculate  who have dedicated their lives  to the service of God in these, His Youth.

The Congregation of the Religious of Mary Immaculate was founded  by Saint Vicenta Maria , a Spanish national, in Madrid, Capital city of Spain  in the year 1876

Vicenta Maria was canonized by  Pope Paul VI in the year 1975  in recognition of  her sanctity  attained in the service of just such young girls in dire need of  protection and promotion   when they arrived as innocent   young people  to a city fraught with all kinds of moral danger for  the naïve young worker. Even then, as we continue to do now, there is a recognition that the best way to help these  young people is to give them a chance for a complete secondary education and if possible even further, an opportunity for  formation in  human ,Christian and social values, love, friendship, sharing, forgiveness, community living etc. .  Through the years  we have proved  that education in every way   is the key to the  integral  development of  women all over the world and this is what the sisters at Regina Pacis  strive after and  in which they find their great satisfaction

To love, to serve, and to lead the young girl to a realization that she is a child of God destined to a dignified place in the world with all a women’s rights, duties and privileges until the day she  attains  her Oneness with the Divine.  Her true destiny.